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“The Electoral College violated the consensus, the GA will be reconvened” - Waa Musi, former president of defunct CFI Caretaker Committee
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Thursday, 04 April 2013 17:03

HALF CARD MUSISlightly above two weeks after the Cameroon Film Industry, CFI elective GA that took place in the Cameroon’s capital Yaounde, Waa Musi, the former president of the now defunct Caretaker Committee has reacted. According to Waa, the Electoral College violated the initial consensus of the electorate which held the election would respect a list system. He is consequently convening another GA during which he is going to put things straight. It is still unclear if he recognizes the new team. We contacted Waa for his reaction and made sure we published his views the way they came – unedited, uninterrupted. We also, for purposes of balance, talked with the elected maiden board chair Otia Vitalis to get his own side of the story. Without any comments, we are placing both interviews side-by-side. Waa talked with Editor Ernest Kanjo!
Ernest Kanjo (EK): The CFI GA which the Caretaker Committee organized has come and gone, what is your initial reaction as the person who was at the helm?
Waa Musi (WM) : TIPTOPSTARS would not have  been the forum for to give my initial reaction. I expected the head of the electoral college to have given the floor for my reaction at the assembly. I’m sure because of the mob pressure, he didn’t fine it necessary and so huged down the purpose of that act. Nevertheless, l think the electoral board violated the preliminary concensus of the electorate which was to pass on by the list system. The Constitution of the CFI does not allow for that.  I would acknowledge that Otia Vitalis had an urge over Waa Musi. I appreciated him and congratulated him on that, but that wasn’t CFI business.
EK : The industry now has a board and a chairman, do you buy the concept of this new structure?

WM : Not a board - the Board of the CFI comprises of  members, voted through a list system in a CFI assembly who are representative of the different arms of the industry. Furthermore, a CFI assembly comprises of its members {Ndr : he put members in capital letters}. This brings us back to the key question of the day.This is almost the same mistake which was purportedly made at the constituent meeting in Buea where artists where appointed into the board and not elected.  

EK : Do you promise your support to the new board, as an experienced film administrator? If yes, how will you do that?

WM : I will do so to Otia’s team after handing over to him in a constituted CFI assembly. This would be re-convened for a later date, still in Yaounde. CFI members would be invited to this assembly to be witnesses.
EK: Do you mean you are organizing another GA?
WM: The last GA wasn't respecter of CFI objectives.
EK: When and under whose supervision?

WM: The constitution in Article 16 allows for a reconvening in a fortnight in case issues need to be redressed. On the basis of the dissolution document of the Caretaker Committee, it was mentioned that, in a situation where the elections do not respect the constitution of the CFI which is to be conducted by a list system, the caretaker committee continues to exercise its rule until such is achieved. 

EK: Do you mean you have not handed over yet?

For obvious reasons members of CFI have a discomfort. But this I’m willing to do so as soon as we meet. These amongst others are the issues I’m talking about.

EK: Do you recognize the new team?

WM: I recognize the fact that Otia had an urge over Waa MUSI, not the recommended list system which allows for CFI elections. That is why I earlier on said this was no longer a CFI business. You must be asking your self how this issue of individual candidates came up not the list system. That is why the assembly quarrels the decision of the moderator of the elections.

EK: Will fresh elections be organized?

WM: Until now, I’m not sure. Otia and his team must be ready to take over the helm of CFI as soon as CFI Members meet soon. These proofs are quite evident.

EK : You mentioned there were irregularities, how exactly did this occur?

WM : Like l earlier on said, there is no house or structure without irregularities. My intention is that CFI must continue in its objectives and purpose which cannot be violated by whoever, call them perpetrators.  In a state of law we  CFI members have a right to freedom of expression which is what I’m interpreting. We need to be very careful the way we intend to forge ahead with the CFI…

EK : Your committee organized the GA, how come you complain there were irregularities?

WM : I’m not sure if you are trying to tell me we of the organising committee were God to know unidentified intruders would invade the hall. As such, we had our consta by the bailiff whom we had invited and let the deliberations. Based on that, the outcome of the re-convening of this assembly is the purpose of this mishap.

EK : What advice do you have for the new team in place and the rest of the members of the film family?

WM : I will address them at the assembly in the presence of CFI members.  They are invited to be present.

EK : Thank you Waa Musi.

WM : You’re welcome !

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