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CEA: Full results published
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Friday, 10 August 2012 08:12

A complete and comprehensive list of winners of the first edition of the Cameroon Entertainment Awards has been published. The names are published on the CEA website – www.cameroonentertainmentawarsd.org In a brief facebook reminder, CEA Executive Producer Maybelle Boma urged Cameroonians to visit the site for the results and other improvement. The publication of the list of winners is the last phase of 2012 edition of the recognition initiative, described by observers as bold step towards the construction of firmly-rooted entertainment industry in Cameroon. The prize-giving event hosted by Howard University’s Cramton auditorium in Washington DC took place on July 28 amidst euphoria. On hand to receive their prizes were some of the laureates including Taka Tanni, Trina Takoh, Angelle Kwemo, Dr Njie Makongo David, Viviane Ndour and J. Martins. We shall be profiling some of the CEA laureate in subsequent updates. Organizers say the 2013 edition is already in reflection. Here comes the list: Music

v  Best gospel artiste – Elizabeth Tekeh

v  Best collaboration – Koh Koh (Sine feat Jovi)

v  Best female artiste – Naomi Achu

v  Best male artiste – Dr Sley

v  Best new artiste – Sine

v  Best folklore – Ateh Bazore

v  Best makossa – Petit Pays

v  Best bikutsi – Lady Ponce

v  Best jazz – Andy Allo

v  Album of the year – Tous Emsemble (X-Maleya)

v  Best music group – X-Maleya

v  Best music video – Don for kwat (Jovi)

v  Best Music producer of the year – Le Monstre

v  Best RAP act - Jovi

v  Best reggae artiste – Dr sley

v  Best RnB artiste - Sine

v  Pan African artiste of the year – Viviane Ndour

v  Pan African people’s choice – J. Martins

v  Best world music - Irma

v  Best international collaboration – Petit Pays, Patience Debany, X-Maleya


     Actress in leading role – Taka Tanni

     Actress in supporting role – Trina Takoh

     Actor in leading role – Kang Quintus

     Actor in supporting role – Yusibom Eugene

     Best movie/picture – Land of Shadows

     Best script – The Blues Kingdom
     Best director – Neba Lawrence

     Best producer – Abgor Gilbert

     People’s choice Award – Peter Njodzeka (Penjo)

     Pan African actor of the year – Jim Iyke


o   Male model of the year – Bertini Heumegni Wanja

o   Female model of the year – Joyce Mandi

o   Best fashion designer – 4J Couture

o   Talk show of the year – Hello ( CRTV)

o   Best TV host – Jason Black (Canal 2)

o   Promoter of the year – DJ Chick

o   Best athlete – Benoit Assou Ekotto

o   Magazine of the year – Je Wanda

o   Night club of the year – Ceasar Nightclub, Yaounde

o   Soccer team of the year – Cotonsport of Garoua

o   TV network of the year – Canal 2

o   Comedian of the year – Tchop Tchop

o   Best university choir - Buea

o   Legend award – Bebe Manga

Humanitarian award – Angelle Kwemo

Grand honoree - DR Njie Makongo David


0 #15 teny 2012-08-12 22:19
abeg just do ya own award if CEA no crrect you.CEA wunna hollam tight
0 #14 teny 2012-08-12 22:18
sorry for people wey them di talk.Cameroonians abeg make wunna try surport thing wey wunna norfit do-aam.encourage those who have the will please.CEA go before.we correct from our errors not from envies.it was good tomorrow will be better.
0 #13 ma sally 2012-08-12 13:59
i am so surprised that even the so call heavy weight producers in cameroon see this as a success. i am shock. i feel ashame being a Cameroonian just because of things like this.which movie did the awards winner do? where can we buy them and see for ourselves? do we even know if this movies exist? who are their audience? who are their marketers? are these movies even completed? where are these movies being previewed? wow! cameroonians, wuna too much. film makers and awarders wunna too much? wuuna di allow wunna selves make them treat wuna like people them wey them no gho school. some even have the audacity to come here and write nonsense, do they ever know what they are writting? or have they even seen what they are supporting? or its only facebook sensation? we go try oh, cheee! paye people wunna too much, na too mch patriotism di kill wuna or na waity? some man go fool you say ya mamy nobe yi born you. you go follow believe. foolish followers wuna say it as it is.
0 #12 haha 2012-08-12 13:31
when some people started criticizing this thing from the begining because they saw it coming> it was seen as envy. now it speaks for itself, we can not continueto take people's credit when we are not even up to the task. its not a child's play . lets face it. this is a disgrace to us cameroonians, we cannot stand up for what is right. even mass failure we still supports. that is why we are very pleased with anything that is given to us. CEA needs to be done in cameroon for cameroonians not alliens who know no suffer in entertainments and has been cats away from the coast of or beloved country, take this stuff to Cameroon and this mistake will not repeat itself. well, we learn our lessions. come out from ur holes and speak, don't hide.chicken hearted cameroonians.
0 #11 don 2012-08-11 21:13
0 #10 KINI WOLFGANG 2012-08-11 10:53
i am impress with the awards result , in fact i am please with such a development . with all this ideas combined in a bucket of Garry tell me how KAMER will not harvest during the raining season
may God bless khe person , group behind this great "mami water awards ceremony"
0 #9 shy guy 2012-08-11 03:30
wehe francophones are left out here.......i dont think they are even aware that something like this is going on.

ah ah i though people's choice award was for Sama Ndango?? No??
people please power up for the next one this was a mess.
+1 #8 don papa 2012-08-11 03:14
Naomi Achu to di sing weti noh????? wuna go kill man oooo
0 #7 sandra m 2012-08-11 03:09
hahahahahahahah ahahahahahahaha h ahahahahahah CEA.
i think this is the 4th list. waiting for the other that has African Vibes magazine as best magazine.
and ei! who is the best fashion designer?
Which one is Penjo Pete's Award??????
na wa ooooooo
the pictures, how many people attended that event? seems the hall was empty? i mean lets face facts....please do your homework next time and stop disgracing us...the athletes too don add am. chaii
0 #6 Joseph Mekolle 2012-08-11 03:02
i think some old ladies (the organizers) just want to show off....please go to school or learn from the masters.
it was really unprofessional. and oh! is the CEA website back?? orshould we keep checking results from facebook profiles and pages??//


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