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CEA registers resounding success
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Sunday, 29 July 2012 08:14


CEAThe United States metropolitan city of Maryland has just hosted what observers describe as the most spectacular African diaspora event of the year, even before 2012 rounds off. The much-talked about and anxiously awaited Cameroon Entertainment Awards, CEA has taken place, registering a relieving success. CEA 2012 has now entered the annals and would be mentioned forever as one of the most unifying initiatives that happened abroad.

The Day

As early as 5.30pm Saturday, the first celebrities hit the red carpet leading them to the CEA mural wall, awaited by fans and friends desiring to have snapshots with them. As the Cramton swelled with gorgeously-looking guests, hostesses made sure they welcomed VIPs upon stepping down from the luxurious cars that ferried them to the Howard campus.ceatakes4

It’s 9pm Maryland time! “Good evening ladies and gent…..” A soul-searching voice announcing the start of the maiden edition of the Cameroon Entertainment Awards reminded guests that the CEA event was indeed a reality. The MCs introductory statements which in most parts explained why the crowd had gathered followed by an initial interlude of spectacular dance which served as a perfect opener for a deserving event like the CEA. Then Executive Producer Maybelle Boma unveiled the other side of her by gracing her own event with Hosanna, one of the tracks in her second album scheduled for promotion in the coming weeks.


Alternating, music performance and award of prizes characterized the rest of the evening. Just to mention a few (TIPTOPSTARS will publish the entire list of winners in subsequent updates), the prize of best male actor went to Kang Quintus. The laureate had just flown into town for that purpose and was on hand to receive his trophy.

Taka Tanni bagged home while Naomi Achu went home an award richer with the best female artist award. X-Maleya retained the price for best album while Vivian Ndour, the Senegalese song diva pocketed the best Pan African artiste award. Vivian’s West African counterpart J. Martins grabbed the people’s choice prize.

Two of the day’s major awards went to Capitol Staff and internationally trained Lawyer Angelle Kwemo (Humanitarian Award) and Dr David Njie Makonge (Grand Honoree). Each laureate spoke with emotion and saluted the CEA initiative. They promised not to lie on their laurels, but to keep the flames of whatever thing they do burning. Usual, TIPTOPSTARS saw beyond…

Big names aplenty

For one thing, guests to the CEA will forever remember the event for giving them a chance to meet the men and women who have been ticking the entertainment clock. The stars showed up in their numbers. We spotted film producer Agbor Gilbert coming all the way from Buea. He was clad in a shiny brown jacket and a fashionable red neck tie. The producer of Pink Poisson starring Jim Iyke smiled all evening.


TIPTOPSTARS also set eyes on Mairo Sanda (in blue), Bih Nathalie (in black), Adele-Clarise of BAAM (in something like yellow and coming all the way from Cameroon), Pridine (in green), Kang Quintus (in black-red), Taka Tanni (in green), Trina Takoh (in flying blue), Pandita Eta Njoh (in black), Syl Anim (in her usual NW designs), producer Abraham Takoh, etc.

Up the stage

For three hours, the stage CEA stage was kept alive with music and dance performance that was slotted in to salute victories scored by laureates. The following took to the stage: Vivian Ndour, Naomi Achu, Mbu Gaps, Kaissa, Myra Maimoh, Luxland, Michelle, Enoch, DTM and Paco. These singers moved the audience and sent waves of excitement across the hall as they skillfully presented the art they know best.

Back stage stealing the show

The success of the CEA inaugural could be associated with the performance of the people at the back of the stage. There is little doubt about that. For once, organizers experienced an indefatigable stage director – a courageous female who clinched onto perfection and provided a much needed professionalism to the event. Meanwhile, the sound engineers (with a dexterous female among them) rattled the buttons intelligently to facilitate the task of the DJ (regularly described during the event as the maestro).


For a rare occasion, the entertainment portal, TIPTOPSTARS promoted itself. It’s Editor and long-time entertainment reporter distributed the online magazine’s promo cards to guest at the CEA. “Oh, I read you guys and like what you’re doing,” said a regular TIPTOPSTARS visitor. Several other guests praised the magazine for the good job it’s been doing. Meanwhile the TIPTOPSTARS logo shined on the photo backdrop.

We shall come back to other details of the event.

Affaire, a suivre… with official pictures from the event

pictures courtesy fb: Ellan, BrinsImage

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0 #29 Its All About Jesus 2012-08-13 09:19
"Its all about Jesus" or what ever you call yourself. This CEA was not a Church so spare me that shit. When they were busy fixing results you did not advise them now u want to bring holy holy in the matter. u are as guilty as them.

wounderful critic that you are , we are all saying what you think, dont sound too personal now, as if YOU WERE EXPECTING AN AWARD YOURSELF !!! i am not into show bizzz, but i support those in need, by the way if i check my records, YOU HAVE NEVER VOICED THIS OUT PERSONALLY TO MAYBELLE OR ETOKE OR ABRAHAM AND KAMWOOD. Also, i constantly wrote to the organizers about my ideas. Everyone cannot win at the same time. Leonardo Di Carprio did not win an Oscar award for the movie Titanic , not because he was not good(though nominated), but different criterias come into place when these selections are made. By the way, they were based on votes UNTILL PROVEN OTHERWISE, never judge, FOR YOU WILL BE JUDGED AS WELL. !!!
+1 #28 Nde 2012-08-09 15:29
Let the organisers learn from thier mistakes and amke it better next time Quoting Jimpro:
I think its time for Cameroonians to be positive, be constructive in any critic and also encourage one another. This are great ideas that some of us may not have come up with, we should just be thankful.
PEACE!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
0 #27 TVera 2012-08-07 20:26
Its indeed surprising that more than one week after the award that is acclaimed to be the best, no one is able to read the full list of winners anywhere on the net. When it was abt making all sorts of propaganda abt the award one could hardly go a day without reading something abt CEA. Does it mean the organisers have accepted that it was a total sham? Why not quench the curiosity of some of us by publishing the full list of winners. Oh my dear Cameroon will never change, not even in the entertainment industry that is unique all over the world. Please lets have something to boast of. Yes we do knw that movie posters, trailers and man knw man were the base for the so call winners, but at least lets knw who win what. If there is anything u guys can be appreciated for, its ur effort bc at least others have a base to correct themselves in subsequent awards.
0 #26 Jimpro 2012-08-06 21:56
I think its time for Cameroonians to be positive, be constructive in any critic and also encourage one another. This are great ideas that some of us may not have come up with, we should just be thankful.
PEACE!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
0 #25 wow 2012-08-06 21:33
To my opinion i think the organizers of the CEA did a great job to put a show like this together and they deserve a lot of respect.CEA keep it up.JAH BLESS.
-2 #24 Vivian Nash 2012-08-04 12:46
Cameroonian will always complain no matter what. Kudos to these brave women who took the challenge and they have now created a positive image of Cameroon in the diaspora.
Instead of you idle lords supporting a good course and see how you all can contribute to a better Cameroon, you are combiningike pregnant women.
Open your eyes Cameroonian. The Nigerian, Ghanian, Gambian, Kenyan, even Liberian are doing it here in the USA, why not CEA.
+3 #23 KAMWOOD CEA DIASPORA 2012-08-02 21:21
I strongly feel that we Cameroonians are hypocrites, Kleptocrates and we need to stop this and unite. imagine foreigners who read this this comments what will they think about us? I generally agree with the positive critics above. But lets Identify ourselves to Maybelle and tell her the truth in her face. Before God and man they know well that they were corrupt and unfair. Maybelle must involve Cameroonians all over the world and Cameroon in Particular in the final selection panel next time. Then it must be hosted in Cameroon not in America, CEA should be neutral of Kamwood next time. CEA should publish results early and open up a discussion panel for critics.
+2 #22 Mr. Movie Critic 2012-08-02 20:56
Ok people, this is the most idiotic thing I have ever noticed. Two days ago those idiots of CEA named Penjo as best director/producer, what the hell that means, Abraham takoh knows it better. Now this is the point, why then go ahead and name Agbor Gilbert after the show, one week after the event as best producer, and Neba Lawrence as best Director. Did they just realise that these guys have done something? Had Neba won, I will not have an issue, but how do you even mention Gilbert's name when that scoundrel keeps promoting Nigerians instead of Cameroonians. The good thing CEA ever did to him was to "paper award" him one week after the event. This goes to confirm what we have been talking all along. Maybelle and takoh should be ashame of themselves.SO now Penjo's name is out as best director, in the next weeks to come, they will list another nominee in that category as best producer. Idiots.
+4 #21 Njaso 2012-08-02 20:31
The CEA would hv been a grt success,if not of the fact that the Organizer allowed her show to be dorminated by this fake guy who calls himself a director
{Takoh Abrham from kamwood production}. All he is trying to do,is to promote his ignorant and lousy daughter Trina,who cannot express herself in English. Please Mr Takoh,get of entertainment and stop soiling the name of Cameroon,with your broke ass movies. What did the village champions from your village had to show for the prizes awarded to them? What do you have to show in terms of production? Is it that your child's play "Registered nurse" with your main xter another village champion "Lilian Ndi" or is it your lousy and stupid movie "American Marriage",which has no sense and humor. please spare me that. If CEA has to succeed in the future,then villagers like you need to get of the way. I wander if u are best director by parading pictures of facebook about you and your family village -like company. Please wake up
+5 #20 marcel ngako 2012-08-02 10:29
1. The event took place in WASHINGTON DC ( I attended)
2. Maryland is a STATE!!!( The equivalent of a province)
There were many mistakes, but I think they were due to the lack of experience by the organizers. They should be applauded for pulling it off since they did not get as much support from the Cameroonian community in the Washington DC area as they should have. I am not sure why, but it's a fact. It was apparent that they did not know which nominees were in attendance which is odd since they knew who the winners were ahead of time. I do hope they try again next year.


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