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CEA: Executive Producer discards rumours of results fixing
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Saturday, 12 May 2012 12:34

Cameroon enteratinment awards3The Executive Producer of the Cameroon Entertainment Awards, CEA has discarded rumours of results fixing, currently circulating in and outside Cameroon. Speaking to TIPTOPSTARS from New York yesterday, Maybelle Boma expressed her disappointment that such rumours should coming at a time she and her team are spending sleepless nights to make sure the event turns out to be complete success story. “There is no such thing as results fixing going on and we are going to do everything to halt any such move, if ever there are attempts,” the visibly touched executive producer said strongly. Maybelle went on: “We did not create CEA to turn around and destroy it when the event is yet to happen, unless we are taken for clowns.”

Maybelle insisted that the organizing team hasn’t got access to the electronic vote control mechanism which is the preserve of the webmaster. “Then how can we manipulate votes?” she questioned. And emphasized further: “By the way, we have been more concerned about working with our sponsors and potential sponsors for the past couple of weeks than on votes which is not the main concern of the executive producers for now.”

For one thing, the New York-based Cameroon entertainment promoter, herself a singer indicated, CEA is a Cameroonian event by Cameroonians for Cameroonians. They have the right to enjoy meritocracy and no one should tamper with this. “Winners are not supposed to be Maybelle’s friends, but artists who merit winning,” she said. “We do not want to have winners who cannot deliver the goods and rather discredit the event, so it is the votes of the people that will prevail,”

The CEA executive announced that in the coming days, measures to prove transparency will be taken and made public so that fans can feel secure to vote their stars. She regretted the inconvenience this might have caused but urged Cameroonians to continue believing in this great vision.

Meantime, behind-the-scene preparations are going on ahead of the July 28 event programmed for the Cramton Auditorium, Howard University in Washington DC. The event has been endorsed by several top officials including the Cameroonian Ambassador to the US the Minister of Culture Ama Tutu Muna who has held talks with the executive producers to that effect.

Several renowned artistes are lined up to perform at the event. A list of those artistes will be yours on TIPTOPSTARS in the coming days.

The CEA was initiated to ferry Cameroon and its entertainment industry across to global recognition. It is going to be an annual rendezvous.

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+1 #6 Reality 2012-07-29 22:05
lets see if my predictions were real, i said it look at my winners list months ago. exactly the people except for Yve. Cameroonians will remain Cameroonians. Taka Tani best Actress, Trina Takoh, best actress supporting role, Abraham takoh, best director producer (what ever it means). What a laugh CEA. new name CEA/diaspora/Kamwood Awards.
+1 #5 look again 2012-05-18 11:15
It seems many people are misinformed. Visit the CEA website before drawing conclusions. Visit the movie categories. For those who have problems with Agbor Gilbert, the category is called Director Producer. So he fits well in this category. If Moma was not nominated, it is because his fans did not nominated him on facebook during the nomination phase. You will also see that many many actors and actresses based in Cameroon were recognised Go check out the website and read the CEA press release.
+1 #4 nana 2012-05-12 20:34
It becomes very sad to hear that some people were nominated for roles they do not deserve. I just imagine how Moma feels now.
If Agbor could be nominated for the Director category when he is actually a Producer; that means the organizers have to sit up. I am afraid they need to have a rethink.All the same thanks for their courage to think of CEA.
0 #3 Reality 2012-05-12 15:23
Why have cameroonian base artist not recieve their invitation letters till now for an even in less than two months time. It takes time for US embassy to issue visas, please do some thing about that other wise this might damage credibility more as "diaspora CEA". We wish for the best, we are proudly cameroonians and want to discourage frientism, corruption and favoritism it all its kind.
0 #2 Reality 2012-05-12 15:18
Thanks for this clarification, information reached us in Cameroon that winners are known and there were no fair nomination criteria for selection of artist. For example it's strange that Moma Pascal aka Bob was not nominated in any movie category despite being one of the most celebrated actor and promoter of movies in Cameroon. Just and example of a pre list of winner that reached us,

Best actress in a main role = Taka Tani (USA)
Best supporting actress = Trina Takoh (USA)
Best male actor = Yve the male host (USA)
Best director = Takoh Abraham

And the list go on and on, if the results proof this wrong, we will continue to endorse this initiative. Please don't blame us, as the country we come from has made us lost credibility in every just cause. also, Agbor Gilbert is not a Director but a producer but was nominated for best director. Movie category need to be broader in next CEA.
0 #1 t_crazy 2012-05-12 14:20
Well, CEA is a good initiative and i thank those who even thought of such an idea. Cameroon is lagging behind in so many things. But what is disgusting is that when something starts, there are always loopholes somewhere. I think most rumour in Cameroon by Cameroonians has always turned out to be the truth. This may be a warning to the organizer to be able to know the type of people she is working with.I wonder what criteria were used for the nominations. BOD it is the beginning and mistakes will be corrected i guess! ahead ahead!


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