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USA: Cameroon gets own awards
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Thursday, 19 January 2012 22:14

cea2Inrecent years, Africans living in the diaspora have been very concerned about recognizing and appreciating the continent’s values, talents and productivity. The creative arts domain has easily been figured out, given that sons and daughters of Africa have amazingly excelled here. As a way to reward excellence and in a bid to promote talents and creative initiatives, individuals and groups living out of Africa have from time to time organized events to pay tribute to those who have kept the engine steaming. This has mostly been the case with Nigerian and Ghanaian communities in the US and the UK.
Sporadically, the Cameroonian diaspora has organized recognition events, but would in most cases limit them to specific areas of creative arts – fashion and beauty contest. Never has there been a Cameroonian recognition event that covers all domains of arts and culture and involving Cameroonian artists and celebrities living around the globe including back home. That is what is about to happen.
The first ever entirely Cameroonian awards is set to take place in June 2012. Dubbed Cameroon Entertainment Awards (CEA), the red carpet event that is expected to raise the curtains for further initiatives will take place in the crowd-puller auditorium of one of America’s most prestigious universities, to be named subsequently. But what prompted the CEA? “We think it’s time for us to showcase Cameroon, a country that is endlessly endowed by talented people, yet very little of the wealth is exposed,” Maybelle Boma, one of the initiators of Cameroon Entertainment Awards told TIPTOPSTARS editor. “If others have done it, I think we can also do it for our country. It’s going to be a huge challenge, reason why we are getting every body involved, whether they are at home or abroad,” said Maybelle further.
The awards, the first of its kind will feature several categories fitting within five major sections – music, acting, directing, entertainment/sports and recognition. “The top 5 nominees in each category will be announced and posted on the CEA website after the nomination period ends on February 14 2012,” Maybelle revealed.
Preliminary nominations are being encouraged already on facebook, but the organizing team is working behind the scenes to establish a full and much more concrete list. For more about the CEA, www.cameroonentertainmentawards.org
Meantime, there have been positive reactions towards the up-coming event from Cameroonians from the four corners of the globe, a clear indication that such an initiative is not only timely, but necessary to boost the image of a country that is well reputed for producing extra-ordinarily talented young people. Details on the CEA coming up soon in our subsequent updates!


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+2 #6 CamerGirl 2012-01-24 14:06
I think its time for Cameroon to come together as one. For once, we have an event to celebrate entertainment in our country. This event will push our entertainers to challenge themselves and appreciate our talents. I'm all for it. Its time for us to start believing in ourselves instead of bashing each other. I'm all for it!!! Lets go, Cameroon!!!
-1 #5 dihik 2012-01-22 07:49
Smh..i can't believe what i'm reading!! am i loosing my sight or completely loosing it! somebody help me!! If this is true that Maybelle whatever her name is behind this award..I rebuke it in the Name of Jesus. God helps my Cameroonian peeps out ther for real. That Maybelle thingy should be rewarded for envying, hating,discrimi nating and poisoning her fellow Cameroonian compatriots in the u.s.a with her lying and poisonous venum. That woman went as far as using the name of God all over social network sites in the name of recognition in the entertainment industry. A so called woman of God that advertises nothing but music and films 24/7 other than winning souls as she is rightfully expected to do so, should be excluded from everything viable. Oh! wait a minute! and when did she suddenly turned to a host?? Lmao..that's a piety. I need y'all to seriously investigate on that woman before she gets y'all in her trap. Like seriously? Maybelle you don try hard this time sha!! Good luck.
-2 #4 steve 2012-01-22 07:17
Oh please. Recognition and awards should be held back home for the right people to earn it. This whole thing smells fishy and looks like the organiser is craving for exposure!. In a desperrate attempt to look out for Eto'fils for personal rewarding on a video she sang for him. So Maybelle Boma whose name is unknown in the cameroonian industry back home but rather known in the united states to use people with names for her own and selfish interest has finally cooked up an evil plan to SEEK Eto'o fils attention!!! hahaha..haba!!.that's funny. That so called sister in Christ has wrong motives and sure holds a hidden agenda. Wonders shall never end.Beware!!
-2 #3 MTC 2012-01-21 12:53
Are they serious with such awards when you visit thier website and have a music player with a playlest with entirely noncameroonian music. what then do they promote
+1 #2 Good girl 2012-01-20 23:56
We love you Eto. You deserve the recognition of the most outstanding Cameroonian. Good job guys
-1 #1 lexyboy 2012-01-20 18:32
etoo does not need to be advertised in this page or in the nomination therefore he should be on live time achievemnt. so please take him out and put somebody else.thank you but good job and we all behind this project . keep up


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