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Cameroon: Film stars are communication graduates
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Junior and Efeti in police uniforms shortly after a scene in Asaba Ferdinand's MY SUCCESSOR


Who says artists are not good academicians as well? Certainly they are! The Cameroonian movie family is a proud mother of two graduates from the Advanced School of Mass Communication (ASMAC), Central Africa's pioneer communication school. Actress Efeti Moka Endeley and film editor Mbongho Junior N.N have been honoured with the first degree in the science of communication after defending their internship reports and professional presentations.

For the young actress who specialized in journalism, Efeti defended the report of an internship carried out in the news department of the State-run television, CRTV in September 2010. During her intership there, it should be noted, the now certified journalist who doubles as the Secretary General of the Yaounde branch of the Cameroon Film Industry (CFI) covered and reported important news events which were applauded by viewers. She earning an  impressive grade from her jury for the internship report.

In her professional presentation, the actress produced a properly edited newspaper, SEARCHLIGHT, in which she did an in-depth report on begging in Cameroon's big towns and cities. This, other stories and the paper's layout won over her jury who did not hesitate to give her a top score (very good) in the Cameroonian university rating system.

On his part, Mbongho Junior N.N, reading Advertising also recorded top scores  in his internship report and his 43 minutes TV spot professional presentation which attracted the admiration of his jury.

Back home, classmates, friends and fellow filmmakers joined relatives and families to celebrate the academic victories. At the Mokas, guests feasted on richly prepared Cameroonian traditional dishes including kwacoco and mbanga soup or better still timanambusa, waterfufu and eru, ndole and yams, egusi pudding and miondo. They eat and drank 'in the name of the queen of the evening' as the MC for the event put it, referring to Efeti. Then some guests took turns in speaking, all of them describing the young journalist as hard working, intelligent, ambitious and focused.

To former director of cabinet at the Prime Minister's office, Hon Paul Njie Mioto, Efeti whom he has nursed from birth has made his parents and the entire community proud. He congratulated the ASMAC graduate and hoped she was going to find a job so soon.

To the CFI actress' father, his daughter is exemplary as far as discipline is concern. "That makes us proud parents," Moka Endeley who is a staff in the Cameroonian National Assembly said. It is such discipline, ingenuity and hard work that accounted for Efeti's successful professional attachment to Among Youths, its former Editor told guests to the Mokas. According to Ernest Kanjo, Efeti displayed professional consciousness as reporter for the said magazine, even though she was still a student. He encouraged her to keep up with such a working spirit and make herself a reference in journalism.

At the Mbonghos, the story was the same. Guests feasted with the celebrant and did not fail to say things just as they did at the Mokas. Speaking on behalf of the film family, actor and producer Chiatoh Collins reiterated that CFI was proud of Junior. "That is why we are here and our presence must be felt," he said.

On his part, Kanjo who described Junior as the twin brother of Efeti and both as his professional children spoke of the young graduate as an inquisitive and ingenious person.

Efeti Moka it should be recalled has featured in My Successor, a 52-episode serial produced by Premier Films and CRTV and directed by Asaba N. Ferdinand aka Penda. The serial was projected on CRTV in 2009. She has also featured in Neba Lawrence's Royal Destiny produced by Ayi Chatou Inoua, starring Nollywood's Emeka Ike and Tonto Dike.

Meanwhile, Junior who edits films has featured on billboards as a face model for two successive anti-AIDS sensitization campaigns. He is also a talented stage actor.

(Photo shows Junior and Efeti in Cameroonian police uniforms shortly after a scene in Asaba Ferdinand's MY SUCCESSOR)

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