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Cameroon gospel band contest: Highlights
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Wednesday, 10 November 2010 03:40

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs983.snc4/75620_167783033250280_155700884458495_461860_293252_n.jpgThe gospel band creation project dubbed Gospel musical 2010 is two months old, but the climax is yet to reach. Such climax is certainly when the show will get ongoing over TV channels, followed by public voting to geared at producing the final five. However, much water has flown under the bridge since inception with site attractions to note. TITOPSTARS has been looking at some of the things and people that have marked Gospel Musical 2010 this far.

Power of prayers

Inspired by God, the Gospel Musical 2010 has been rolling on hitch free, thanks to God. The organizers have not failed to recognize this and have at every moment invited the Amighty to grace the project. That explains why prayers have been a regular happening at the start and end of each exercise within the project. Spiritual leaders after spiritual leader have in their opening or closing prayers begged God to bless the project and even when power has attempted to disrupt recording, the Almight hand has intervened. Who says God does not have a special attachement to projects that glorify his name?

Media on board

Without the media actively taking part, it is difficult for any event to be described as successful. Gospel Musical 2010 has had its own fair share of media attention. Apart from Newspaper; radio and Tv reports here and there, journalists answered present art a recent press conference to explain the concept. Meeting the organiwers at the Solomon Tandenng Muna Foundation in Yaounde, the press men and women quickly fell in love with Gospel Musical 2010 after listening to the Papa Rolland Dipita talk. They have since promised to give the programme wide publicity. Meanwhile CRTV, Vision 4 and a Bamenda-based TV station have gotten into broadcast agreements with DRIMP Foundation, the organizing body while hoping other TV strations will come on board.

"With God, we'll make it" - Nforngwei Rogers

Popularly known within his Church community as Daddy K, Nforngwei Rogers has praised God for making it possible that the Gopsel Musical 2010 kick off. The Central and West AZfrica representative of Cambridge Pushlishers who doubles as initiator of the project has been speaking at the recording sessions of the TV shows, atking place at Yaounde's Hotel Kampthe. Nforngwei, a well-known publisher in Cameroon lauded the efforts of the technical crew as well as the contestaing singers whose talent he described as great. "With God, we"ll make it," he said. He encouraged not to relent till as he put it, "We get to where God wants us to reach."

Achalle is coach

If Gopsel Musical 2010 is a display of seriously and quality; it is largely thanks to the people involved. One of such is song icon and talented artiste, Achalle who has been the coach of the contestants in camp. The winner of the first edition of the Stars de Demain song competition in 2006 has been drilling the competitors on several aspects including voicing, stage attitude, general comportment, etc. "It's such an honour for me to work with Achalle," said one contestant. "It's been wonderful working with them," Achalle told journalists at the recent press conference. The Stars de Demain hero has two albums in the market.

Odile Ngaska and her word

A strong point in the Gopsel Musical 2010 project is the full involvement of Odile Ngaska, the Board chair of SOCAM (Cameroon's corporation in charge of music copyright issues). Her presence has been an inspirational factor to virtually every member of the team, most especially the contesting singers. Notice how her positive comment gladdens them after a captivating performance. The renowned gospel music artiste had since expressed her interest and love for the great initiative. "Music was created by God for God," she had said. And rhetorically asked: "Who therefore are you singing for if not for God?"

Terence the Pharaltee

This time he has been talking, not singing. The hyper talented young musician has proven he is master of the art by the brilliant professional comments he has been making on the jury. Each time he handles the mike, the hall goes silence because as someone put it, he is going to dish out another music lesson. "Well you know I have been doing this for a long time, it's my thing," T-Boy, as the singer is fondly called told this writer soon after last Sunday's recording. He has also been the dream of some of the contestants who would not help gratifying his remarks at them.

That frankness of Salif

If there is some one who seems to have been grabbing ever attention, it is the Manager of the hotel hosting the TV recording of Gospel Musical 2010. Salif has been very professional in his judgment of the performances. Perhaps what makes him even more exciting is his frankness which is not aimed at discouraging the contestants though, but making them understand they have to work relentless if they hope to become professional singers. His comments are usually received by nodding from the audience. Someone mention: "I'm convinced he has done this exercise before." To be part of Salif's five therefore, the boys and girls must not sleep.

Papa Rolland: In a lighter mood

One would not be wrong to say - no Papa Rolland, no Gospel Musical 2010. More and more, the coordinator of the project gives live to Gospel Musical 2010. Apart from his salient comments from the jury bench, the Man of God doesn't fail to provide humour. "Do me that style again...I was almost thinking that the stage is too small for you...You were born to sing...If you continue in that manner, this thing will put food on you table..." are some of Papa Rolland's comments. At times he would simply look at the candidate after a brilliant show, pause for while and then say - "I have nothing to say, God bless you!"

Bright Phase brightens show

Silva, Pally and Beryl have been bearing the Bright Phase flag in the Gospel Musical 2010. Apart from being members of the technical crew of the project, the trio have had to thrill the audience from time to time with their soul-searcvhing songs. This, to the acclamation of the public, their fans and organizers. Beryle was even spotted helping song coach Achalle to do some of the back-ups that have been spicing the shows. It should be recalled that Bright Phase represented Cameroon at the last Africa All Music Awards (KORA) where they emerged fifth and entertained Burkinabe President Blaise Compaore at his Ouagadougou palace.

Enter M1 and Blue Drops

Know as two of Buea's most gigantic production houses, Molyko-based M1 Studio and Blue Drops have been the source of good quality sound and images for the Gospel Musical 2010. At each recording, M1's strongman, Emile Ngumbah can be spotted sitting behind a thousand-key audio console rattling buttons and nodding in satisfaction. On his part, Blue Drops Weg Muller Ikome Efokoa, the floor director would dash from one camera to the other and from the monitor to the console. Then, he would turn to the crowd and beckon the audience to applaud. Meanwhile Njukeng George aka Bootable, Stanley Micky and Mbi Felix would operate their cameras as they know best to produce the best of images.

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