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“We’re proud as parents” Ayuk Tambi reacts to daughter’s (Little Cindy) music release
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Monday, 04 May 2020 03:05
  • Mayohchu, 10, is an amazingly talented child actress who jacks in other areas of arts. While developing her movie acting career, she has always worked on building her music (singling) skills. The result unjouris a maiden single just released. The track, UN JOUR, is attracting enormous attention, especially from fans of the child artist who until now, only knew the movie side of Mayohchu. UN JOUR, sung in French and English, glorifies involved parenting and presents the young singer’s dad and mum as exemplary parents.

Produced by Blaise B’s Akwandor, the video of UN JOUR is directed by Rich Manga (acclaimed editor), renowned filmmaker, featuring Blaise B, Atem Ebai Jerome (dad), Ayuk Tambi (mum), Effim M’Ebob, Mary Asaba and Ndangoh Favour.

Upon release of the 4.11 minutes-long track, TIPTOPSTARS caught up with Ayuk Tambi, mother of the child singer who doubles as star in the renowned 2018 LITTLE CINDY (movie). Here are excerpts of the conversation she had with Ernest Kanjo:

TIPTOPSTARS (TTS): When was the idea of having Mayohchu sing nursed?

Ayuk Tambi (AT): Soon after she auditioned for “Little Cindy” the movie.

TTS: Tell us how you got Blaise B. to do this maiden project.

AT: We had put her first two songs on a hold, but at one point, we needed to work on something for her. I called Blaise B. and other artists whose names I would not disclose now, and they were all positive about giving Mayohchu a recording artist status. The artists agreed to compose for her. Blaise B got the pride of place for completing the task first. He got to us for a pre-recording session. Blaise had not been too well at that time, but he still sourced out time to work with us. We are eternally grateful to him for that.

TTS: Explain how Mayohchu’s first studio recording experience went.

AT: Curiously, “Un Jour” was not her first recording experience. Mayohchu had previously worked on a cover for Beyonce’s “Brown Skin Girl”. That was in November twenty nineteen. In January this year, she recorded two songs, “Show Ya Style” with Otang and Machia and “Faire Comment ca” with Otang. We held on with the tracks for reasons of not launching her career with a collabo. That said, “Un Jour” was done in two phases. The first was a pre-recording to get her vocal range and strength, then a week later, we had her do the final recording. Mayohchu enjoyed every bit of it though she still has a lot to learn.

TTS: How long did it take you to complete the project?

AT: Three months, that is, February to April twenty twenty.

TTS: What has been the reaction of her close friends and schoolmates so far?

Ans: The ones who are featuring in the video are particularly happy with the experience. Others are proud of Mayohchu. The initial idea for the video was a classroom scene to be shot in her school and other scenes where activities are ongoing. COVID-19 emerged to stand on the way of this plan. However, she is glad about the final product which thanks to Rich Manga and her parents, was quickly crafted as an alternative. I’d also like to appreciate the Proprietress of Gateway Bilingual Nursery and Primary School for her wonderful support towards the success of the project.

TTS: How does she feel after watching her own video?

AT: She feels proud of herself for this great result, achieved under difficult circumstances. She thinks she can do better, hahahaha!

TTS: What does this maiden music project mean to her parents?

AT: A lot to us as parents. It means our baby girl can make a difference in the world and her voice can be heard. Her opinion matters. It comes with responsibility. We are now tasked with making sure Mayohchu is groomed into becoming a positive and opinion leader for the youth in particular and for the world at large. We are happy parents.

TTS: Should the world be expecting more from her?

AT: Sure! More songs are on the way. Her year is lined up with songs, both audio and video and we will be releasing them progressively while hoping COVID-19 disappears.

TTS: Does she hope to tone down with movie acting, given that music would likely be easier to get through?

AT: Not at all! She is an entertainer and will continue entertaining people in all forms of arts she practises.

TTS: Where else will this track be available?

AT: Spotify, Apple music, Sound cloud, Google play, YouTube and Deezer.

TTS: Thanks for talking to TIPTOPSTARS!

AT: It’s my pleasure, Ernest!

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