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Ceasefire body envisaged for NAGCAM-USA
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Wednesday, 05 October 2016 18:29

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The National Actors’ Guild of Cameroon, NAGCAM, USA branch has resolved to put in place a conflict resolution and reconciliation mechanism to ensure that a peaceful atmosphere reigns within the group. This decision was reached at during the maiden executive committee meeting of the new NAGCAM disposition that held in Maryland recently.

The Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Committee when created, would apart from playing a ceasefire role during conflicts that is generally feared could tear actors up, help in convincing a good number of them who have abstained from the guild, to return on board.

According to the new NAGCAM-USA leadership team manned by Moh Tita Pale aka Don Pale, such a body, once it is installed, would accelerate progress in the execution of the guild’s mission of offering an enabling working environment for Cameroonian actors in the USA. Such progress had been slowed down by conflicting stances that appeared to drag on.

During the meeting, the executive members of NAGCAM-USA also agreed to have the constitution of the guild adopted by May 2017. Review of the current constitution (used by the mother branch of the guild) to concur with the USA environment had come to a standstill. According to the Maryland meeting, a constitutional bylaws committee will go underway in December this year, during the first General Assembly organized by the new bureau.

Amongst other things, including the completion of the NAGCAM-USA registration process, the guild set a goal to produce two films every year, under the banner of the Cameroon Film Industry (CFI).

It was a very fruitful maiden come-together,” Moh Tita told TIPTOPSTARS. The NAGCAM-USA boss who was visibly satisfied with the outcome of the meeting wished that every Cameroonian actor in the USA be part of the new vision that is intended to give value, not only to the art, but to the brilliant work the artists have been doing this far. “I’ll continuously enjoin actors of Cameroonian origin living in the United States to provide the lofty ideas we need to make NAGCAM an enviable professional organization,” said Moh.

NAGCAM-USA was created on the heels of the 2013 reorganization of the Cameroon Film Industry (CFI) that gave room for the institutionalization of professional film guilds in Cameroon. After an interim body, headed by Mat Atugon ran the guild for a period of time, Terence Neville Linoma became the first President. He was succeeded by Moh Tita Pale on September 4 this year.


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