The Daddy Black Appointment!
Ernest Kanjo / Friday, 14 August 2009 15:38
Daddy Black is not a new name. It is a big name! The Hip-Hop artiste is making great strides. STAR3He does not only sing refined songs, but is a heavy weight on stage. That reminds me of The Pharaltee Show, a platform for rising musicians to express themselves some two years ago. At the show, organised in Yaounde-based hotel, Daddy Black thrilled hundreds. He pushed on the dream to something new. Today, he has initiated another platform to discuss music. Almost regularly, he brings together young singers and they, in his words, party. The show that takes place at Yaounde's Centre Culturel Petit Tam-Tam is a festival marked by singing performance and intellectual discussion. It is aimed at drilling young artiste in a bid to ensure quality music production. "A laudable initiative indeed," remarked a musicologist at press time. This weekend Daddy Black promises another attraction. He faxed this to us:


Hiya music lovers, guess what? Check it out! Daddy Black is back with the most thrilling live music show, featuring with some great performers such as Sydney (Africa Star champion), Dj---Kenny, Denzyl, Stone, Sarsha, Guy Samme, Eva and Kit Kat Girls. My people "no be small   thing"
so come along side with your friends let's get together and 
party ,party ,party till dawn. .

Venue: (Centre Culturel Petit Tam-Tam, entrée Camp-Sic Nlongkak)
Date: Saturday August 16 .
Time: 8pm
Gate fee: Free

Last Updated on Monday, 17 August 2009 13:28
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