Mimi GAL’s Clips: Curtains Pulled on Shooting
Ernest Kanjo / Thursday, 13 August 2009 19:08

Mimi_clip_IMimi GAL(Great And Lovely) is a name you will definitely start getting familiar with. The young RnB/Hip-Hop singer, based in Yaounde is en route to becoming Cameroon's next international diva. She is just wonderful! It's just a few hours ago that lamps on her set shot down. In fact, they are yet to lose the heat they've been producing for over a week. Mimi's producer, Joyce Kuchah who flew in from China has not known sleep since he arrived in Cameroon. Neither have members of his technical crew. The DVCAM camera, manned by renowned cinematographer, Ndofor Godlove kept pointing at the RnB star-in-the making as director Kuchah called the shots. "Mimi....go on....turn this way...put on that smile again...let us see you singing... a little less and dance more this time...", he would go on and on. From all angles, Damsius Nwatum....beamed huge amount of light on the singer and her cutely costumed dancers, Swift Junior, Snakzzi, Valery, Florella and Kelo. Their faces sparkled as they performed the art they know best with such captivating dexterity. At one moment, it was T-Jay, the actor. On set, they named him Nice & Lovely! Ah, incidentally, he played in the Nice & Lovely piece which will definitely be a sensation in the album. Then came the fat girls! They were great as well. They danced and felt good. Their track, Fat Girls promises to be attraction. Mimi's clips were shot on natural locations and on green screen, thanks to Mont Febe Hotel, Hotel Grand Canari and the Mayor of Wum. Her producer and production company, B.J Productions expressed gratitude to those who made the various to these at the end of the shooting. Post-production begins in the weeks ahead in a Chinese studio. The 8-track album, audio and video, will be released in the coming months, according to B.J Productions.

The Team

Artistic Crew

The Artiste - Mimi Gal

Dancers - Swift, Snakzzi, Valery, Florella, Kelo

Fat Girls - Yengo Yvonne (Von Yen Bi), Ruthy Johnson

Extras - Gaelle, Blessing, Sonia, Joel

Featuring - Mel Nova, Whimsy, Goddys, Julio Tresor

Collaboration - Kuchah Eugene, Tafor Paul, Chiatoh Collins

Technical Crew

Make-up - Hilda

Welfare - Fonjong Sheila

Cameraman - Ndofor Godlove

Lighting - Nwatum Damasius (Cinematographer)

Producer - Kuchah Joyce

Director - Kuchah Joyce

Production Company - B.J Production

The Songs

  • Nice & Lovely

  • Same Feeling

  • Hunted by Your Love

  • Botty Shake

  • I Don't Wanna

  • Laissez Moi Faire

  • Fat Girls

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