Yaounde: ACE Awards Gets Expected Attention
Ernest Kanjo / Friday, 31 July 2009 16:20

DSC02882Yet another kudos for young Cameroonian film makers and musicians! Some 20 of them have been recognised and rewarded by Yaounde-based Production Company, ACE Productions Incorporated and the Ministry of Culture. The laureates of ACE Awards 2008 grabbed their trophies recently in Yaounde during an all-stars night. They came from all the four corners of Cameroon. Speaking at the event, ACE CEO, Henry Claude Ndengue, himself a talented actor congratulated the laureates for a job well done." The jury was attracted to the works that won prices without any sentiments," he said. And added: "So, those who worn prices were deserving laurels." Ndengue however urged the lucky actors and musicians not to lie on their laurels but work harder and win more prizes. He announced that ACE Awards has been retained as a second film festival to be organised under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, after Ecrans Noirs. Perhaps the greatest attraction of the awards night was the glamour that characterised the event. Prominent actors and musicians could be spotted in very gorgeous attires. While Muma Pascal (Bob) smiled behind spectacles and a cream jacket, Kumba-based Maru Gatscaya puffed in some well-cut three-piece yellow suit. Eddy Goffie, smiling all along clad himself in some dark military-like jacket, crowded by golden buttons. Mamfe-based Tanyisong Candylaurice flew in some golden blue party gown. Hip-Hop rising star, King Aluan, accompanied by his personal designer, displayed in brown King A brand shirt. His wrist carried a golden watch specially designed for the artiste. From Bamenda, renowned producer/director, Musing Derick smiled in some golden black shirt and a neatly fixed tie. The master of ceremony, Kome Epule spoke fluently and captivatingly from French "debader". Then the talented singers took turns in performing-King Aluan, Dog Star and General Kingala. The trophies were handed out, accompanied by thunderous applause each time a winner was pronounced. A sumptuous gala with which to digest the event followed thereafter. ACE Awards 2009 come up in July 2010.


Best film director - Musing Derick (Cluster)

Best actor in supporting role - Mysta Roy de Dylla (Hotel vianello)

Best costumer - Mrs. Nganga Therese (Venerated tradition)

Best D.O.P - Ngangum Mathew (Hotel Vianello)

Best signature tune - Billy George Karson ("Hello" on CRTV)

Best religious music- Frere Atangana Gabriel (Repentez Vous)

Best executive producer - Mrs. Ateh Christina N (Love on the Cross Road)

Best actress in sporting role - Miss Zembe Rita (Venerated Tradition)

Best child performance - Febe Prince (Vow 1$2)

Best Cameroonised Reggae - Silver (Le SIDA Tue)

Prize of the Jury for best Audio-visual and cultural promoter number 1 in Cameroon -Canal 2 International

Best cinema reporting print publication journalist - Ernest Kanjo

Best Cameroonised Hip hop Music -Mr Alum Nicron Tangan (Salary)

Best Francophone in English expression -Tchaptchet A Christian

Best ACE Film - Double Betrayal

Best actor in lead role - Muma Pascal Gamiti (Clash of Inheritance)

Best actress in semi-lead role - Miss Tanyisong Ebockombo (Clash of Inheritance)

Best film - Traffic d'enfant (Zigoto)

Best film producer - Fondo Federick Ndoukoum

Best ACE actor- Yimbu Emmanuel (Double Betrayal)


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