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News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Tuesday, 15 September 2020 19:27
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As the practice of journalism and other media content production continues to be vibrant online than traditional media, the level of competitiveness is also growing from lips and bounds. In this dispensation, content has to be of exceptionally good quality to attract attention and every other benefits that comes with the lucrativeness of the business.

It is against this backdrop that Naja International Production Group, owners of Naja TV, now, one of the leading television content providers in Cameroon and Je Wanda & Co, owners of Je Wanda Magazine, longtime popular online youth publication, have partnered. Henceforth, Naja International Production Group and Je Wanda & Co, will combine their know-how, experience and resources to provide what the audience expect, will be the most marketable online content.

"Je Wanda Magazine is 10 years this year and we are using partnership to mark our one decade of existence," founder and General Manager of Je Wanda & Co, Celine Victoria Fotso, said in a recent press release. "We are happy to partner with Naja TV with which we share a lot of entrepreneural ideas," she went on.

According to the founder of the magazine of great repute, there is a lot that needs to be done online and it takes African content production outfits with similar visions and ambitions to do the trick. "This is also proof that if they are willing to and have the necessary resources resources, Africans can work together," said Fotso.

On his part, the co-founder and General Manager of Naja International Production Group, Wesleg Nanse, described the partnership as a means towards using the expertise of both outfits to provide good quality content to the online audience. "Naja International Production has always cherished partnership and believed that great results can only be achieved with entities come together,"Wesleg Nanse said in a press release.

To the expert in TV production, Je Wanda Magazine's unmatched popularity among youths and Naja TV's experience in audio-visual content creation, are favorable factors that will no doubt fetch them wider audiences.

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