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Being awarded is not a new thing to Missy BK. Her irresistible music has fetched her some prizes. But a recognition for something that does not have a direct (at least for now) link with singing and dancing is a new development in the life of the young musician cum humanitarian. Little did the Canada-based Cameroonian urban singer know that what she started just a few months ago as a manifestation of her love for humanity and desire to put a smile on the face of the less privileged, was going to transport salient signals to the rest of the world. Naturally, it caught the attention of organizers of the maiden edition of the Cameroon Career Women Awards (CCWA). Meeting in London on Saturday, March 14 for the awards show, they declared Missy BK winner of the Best Charity Act awards. This came prior to an inspiring display of largesse via The Missy BK Foundation which the singer launched, not too long ago. Such gestures consisted of sponsoring some five students in secondary school in Cameroon and organizing a Christmas party in honour of some 38 orphans of the Hephzibah Handicapped and Orphanage Training Production and Ecstasy Center (HOTPEC) in Lower Bokova Buea, South West region of Cameroon. TIPTOPSTARS caught up with Missy to find out how she received news of this recognition. She spoke to Editor Ernest Kanjo from Montreal, Canada. Excerpts!

Ernest Kanjo (EK): Missy welcome to TIPTOPSTARS and congrats on your latest achievement!

Miss BK: (MBK) Thanks a million Ernest!

EK: Did you expect this victory?

MBK: Honestly no! I didnít see it coming and I didnít know that the news about what the Missy BK Foundation did and is still doing went that far. It came like a big surprise, but we welcomed it with open hands. I sincerely thank the most high God and the Cameroon Career Women Awards team for this recognition.

EK: What was your reaction when the news got to you?

MBK: I remember Mrs Thecla M. called me but didnít get to talk to me and so she left a message. When I got back home and read it, the first thing I said if I remember well was   God is goodÖ God is good. I immediately expressed my gratitude to the Cameroon Career Women Awards team. Ernest, I least expected this. When I saw the list of those that were nominated, I realized there were nine in this category. I knew it would be tough for me, but at the same time I said, with God everything is possible. I surrendered everything to Him. Then it happened. I thank Him.

EK: What does the prize mean to you?

MBK: It means I have a lot of responsibility, not only as an artist, but as a person who should be able to inspire the younger generation. It means I have to instill hope and encouraging them through my music and humanitarian mission. It is going to send a strong message to the beautiful and intelligent kids that the Missy Bk Foundation looks after Ė that it is not only the foundation that is thinking about them, but the entire Cameroon. This will go a long way to build them morally and socially to strive and achieve the best in life. To the humanity at large, it would mean that we donít have to wait to get rich before deciding to help somebody. With 50 dollars, you can be able to send one orphan or abandoned child back to school. And with a dollar, we can help put food on a childís plate. With a simple visit to the orphanage or abandoned homes, we can help to put a smile on a face.


EK: To whom do you dedicate this award?

I dedicate this award to God. He has never abandoned me. I try and I fail sometimes, but He is always there for me. I also dedicate it to my incredible and loving mother, Mama Joy Nsang for standing by me through it all. After returning home from my Canada tour, I called my mom and told her that I had made my first money off music. I wanted her to have it so that I could have her blessings. My mom reminded me that I had always wanted to help abandoned children and orphans and so this was the time for me to show them that love. She reminded me that I didnít need to have millions to help someone, even a dollar could do the trick. The Missy Bk Foundation is working on this principle to impact the lives of children in Cameroon. Iím now seeing the results and must thank my dear mom heartily. I also dedicate this award to my fans, my friends who supported me and my small family.

EK: Does the Award spur you to do even more?

We have been working on other projects even though we arenítí making them public yet. Weíre moved to do more for charity. It is an encouragement for The Missy Bk Foundation to keep up with the work that we have started.

EK: Missy, thank for talking to us and congrats once again!

MBK: Itís my pleasure Ernest, thanks!

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