Titus Banyoh / Thursday, 15 November 2012 12:15

Addy 2day again 11.65m-tall Addy Ngonde sings, dances, writes and even perform a good number of sporting disciplines, but acting seems to nourish her heart with pleasure most. For one thing, she masters the art, reason why she would give you the best if you want Addy to be a crying type, make you proud (if you are a director) if you launch her into a submissive wife role and even amaze you if you want her to play the games women often play. TIPTOPSTARS pulled Addy over for a conversation. We sought to know how this long story came about and amongst other things the admirer of waterfufu and eru (a Cameroonian traditional delicacy) spoke about her latest project. Addy spoke with Titus Banyoh in Belgium.


Titus Banyoh (TB):  How did you get involved in acting? 

 Addy Ngonde (AN): I got into acting through my aunt in 2005. She came to Douala with an audition form for the then Baleguel, call it BLGL Productions. It was a CRTV project. I got interested, filled the form and handed it. I was auditioned and given a lead role.
TB: How long have you been in the art?

AN: Seven years now.

TB: We understand youíve featured in ten movies. How has this experience been?

AN: All of them were pretty challenging in their own ways, especially the ones done in Europe.

TB: Are you working on any current projects?

 AN: Yes. At this time Iím lead actress in an Ako production written and directed by Nanje John. Also earlier this year, I produced my first movie titled My Husbandís Friend directed by Simon Timah.

TB: Until now what kind of roles have you performed? Are you comfortable with them?

AN: I have played roles such as a mad person, a player, submissive wife, movie extra roles and a lot more. And yes Iím so comfortable with them because as an actress, versatility is the keyword.

TB: Which has been your favorite character? 

 AN: In Crush, I cry a lot, in My Husbandís Friend, Iím a submissive wife, and in The Closet, Iím a player who ends up losing all. I love the role I played in this particular movie because it brings out another side of me, not known to the public.

TB: What are your strong points as an actress? 


AN: Hmmm, people say, they like my interpretation of roles and the way I relate with other people on set.

TB: What impression do your directors have about your performance?                                                                                     

AN: Apart from the normal challenges on set, Iíd say they are very appreciative and will stop at nothing to bring out the best in me.

TB: What kind of roles do you prefer? 

AN: I have no preference. I love challenges.

TB: Who are the people you admire in the acting field?

 AN: The likes of Nse Ikpe, Genevieve Nnaji, Bimbo Akintola of Nollywood.

TB: where can one have more information about you? 

AN: STV Douala, Cameroon, Mfuh Ebennezer , Simon Timah,  Ako Productions and from many other sources.

 TB: Thanks for talking to TIPTOPSTARS.

AN: My pleasure. Anytime