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Gip1Composing songs is not a big deal to Gipraise. God takes care of that for the up-and-coming gospel artiste. Each time He speaks to him, the Almighty has given Gideon Timah (his real names) a new track. That explains why in virtually all his songs, the Europe-based Cameroonian musician reflects the mind of God. If praising the Holy Father is his ultimate goal, reaching the world with His soothing message is even a more challenging responsibility which the singer seeks to meet. TIPTOPSTARSí Titus Banyoh has been talking with the 1.75m-tall Gipraise and seeking to know how he functions. Amongst other things, the praise singer tells us about his albums and the people he works with. Excerpts of the chat both men had!

Titus Banyoh (TB): Hello Gipraise, it is a pleasure having you on TIPTOPSTARS magazine.

Gipraise: Thanks too for thinking about me, the pleasure is equally mine.

TB: why gospel music?

Gipraise: I think it is an appropriate genre with which to reach out to the world.

TB: How long have you been into music?

Gipraise: For more than eight years now

TB: When you sing, what do you vehicle?

Gipraise: The mind of God. When I hear Him speak, I put it into music. Thatís all.

TB: Any album so far?

Gipraise: Oh yes! I have one album in the market with seven tracks.

TB: Who writes your songs?

Gipraise: I do write and compose all my songs.

TB: What are some of your challenges as a gospel singer?

Gipraise: Getting a sponsor I must say.

TB: Who are some of the people you haveworked with and who do you intend to associate to your future projects?

Gipraise:I always work with Adolf Kumbaboy in Paris. It would be interesting to know that he is one of best guitarists Cameroon has. I have also worked with Ps.David Chucks from Nigeria. In the future, I will be working with Jeremy, a producer from East Africa.

TB: Any intensions for a new album soon?

Gipraise: Yeah!

TB: How do you intend to go about sales when you know there is a seemingly endless problem of piracy staring you in the face?

Gipraise: For now, I have a few people who are interested in handling sales but for piracy, I doubt. We live in a world of high tech which makes it impossible to apprehend piracy.

TB: What are your strong points as a gospel singer?

Gipraise: Iím not only a singer, I do play a few instruments. So, that gives me an extra boost in directing music as a whole. Iím a bass guitarist and I do play piano as well.

TB: Can you in a few words describe your rhythm?

Gipraise: I do a cross-rhythmic pattern from an African root, not very traditional but blended with European folklore and American Hip-Hop.

TB: What are the themes you exploit in your songs?

Gipraise: Life, courage, salvation, worship, creation, love, patience, peace, just to name a few.

TB: Who are your role models in the world of gospel music?

Gipraise: Micheal W. Smith and Uche.

TB: How did you come about the name Gipraise?  

Gipraise: Hahahaha! I took the first two letters from my name and added Praise to it. If you pronounce it with the pidgin phonetics, the meaning will be something like give praise in English.

TB: Where can one have more information about you?

Gipraise: TIPTOPSTARS of course! Meanwhile, my website is still in the making.

TB: Thanks so much for talking to us.

Gipraise: It was my pleasure.

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